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  • Are you interested in the Polish market and looking for ways to grow and expand your business, product/brand in Poland?
  • Are you searching for potential clients/distributors in B2B area maybe a products/service, suppliers or investment opportunities in Poland?
  • Do you need a trusted partner to help you go around? Someone who knows the market, language, have great business connections, sales and marketing knowledge and who can consult you in all your relevant business interests? Someone to represent your company while you cannot be there, get the best offers you can and make sure your interest is secure?


Let us help you to connect with your new clients and/or business partners in Poland!

Who is our offer for?

For all companies

(mainly small and medium) that plan foreign expansion on the Polish market.

For manufacturing and service enterprises

For all in need of an export department

and for those willing to take an advantage of the outsourcing offer of an experienced consulting and service company with experience in this field.

Why Poland?

Poland is an attractive market for investors from around the world. Its main advantages are the number of inhabitants, convenient location in Europe, and dynamic economic development. These factors cause that more brands and companies enter our country. Every year thousands of new products appear on the market. However, contrary to appearances, the decision to start expansion is not easy even for the strongest corporations. In order to limit both time and financial costs and minimize the risk related to cultural and linguistic or legal differences, more and more companies entering the Polish market are deciding to use the help of professionals in the area of building distribution and marketing activities.


What we can do for you best?

We provide Business Development Consulting and Services in introducing companies and their products (or services) in the B2B industry to the Polish market.

Including searching for clients / suppliers / products / services / investment opportunities etc.

BGB's offer is addressed to such companies and people who are aware of the importance of having, especially at the initial stage of expansion into a new market, a trusted and competent partner who knows the market very well and has many years of experience in the area of business development. A partner who will not only advise and consult, but above all will take care of the company's interests as his own and also, if necessary, will be able to act actively in search of potential customers or suppliers and represent the company on the market both during meetings with potential customers and business events and conferences or fairs.

Our offer includes:

Part of BGB's offer is business consultations for companies and entrepreneurs in the field of development and expansion on the Polish market or on another selected foreign market. Our activities are primarily based on cooperation and activities with competent, stable and trusted partners (both from the world of business and governmental institutions) in Poland and other countries.
This is our unique offer for companies that are looking for opportunities to optimize the costs associated with entering a new market, while maintaining quality. We offer selected clients the opportunity to use the services of a Sales Agent, an experienced person operating in B2B sales who will professionally represent the company on a given market and actively act on its behalf in search of potential clients, distributors or suppliers. Such an offer gives the company the opportunity to limit the costs of entering the market, such as, among others, the costs of registering the company, employing employees and salesmen, bearing the costs of maintaining the office, costs of service on the new market, risks related to cultural or language differences. Sale agent represents the company and actively seeks and connects with potential customers. On the behalf of the company we participate at meetings, make presentations, take part in trade fairs and business events. He is taking care to build a good relationship with the client and advises on further cooperation and communication between the client and the company.

Note - Other Global Markets

For those interested, we also offer the opportunity to develop into other selected markets (India, Africa, Scandinavia and others).

How do we work and how can we help you?

We carefully analyze products intended for a given market

We examine legal requirements

We arrange valuable business meetings with potential trading partners

We reach target customers directly

We present the product or service to selected clients and business partners on behalf of the client

We represent the company at selected fairs (option)

We help in establishing a branch of a company or a new company / company in a given country (option)

We help you to limit your cost when looking for new clients in new country and language barriers, cultural differences cost

We support you and advice on marketing strategies and branding. We also offer project marketing solutions in consideration to the polish market

We flexibly implement other activities aimed at introducing the producer / service provider to the market

We undertake cooperation with every industry

Export House India

a case study

A company from India, Export House India, was looking for a partner that will help and support its development and launch of its products and brands on European markets, including the Polish market. Cooperation with BGB started January 2018


Stage I


Consulting and analysis of the possibility and potential of a selected product on the Polish market. SWOT analysis, market analysis in terms of competition.




Decision to establish cooperation under the Sales Agent June 2018.

Choosing the right marketing and sales activities.

Active searching for potential clients using various tools, contacts and business experience. Arranging dedicated B2B meetings, presentation of the company's offer, participation in fairs, participation in group and individual networking meetings.




After 2 months, reaching a large distributor in Poland, presenting the terms of cooperation. Full participation, advice and consultation when signing the contract between Export House India and the client. Further service and actions on behalf of Export House India in relation to this customer. Every month meetings, contact by phone, e-mail. Ongoing consultations and participation in the process of delivery the products to clients.

Development of further sales points and introduction of new products. Further activities and meetings with other potential clients throughout Poland.

Additional services in cooperation with this client included: translations, assistance in obtaining the required certificates. Advice on financial or legal matters related to running a business and cooperation with clients.




Consultations and Sales Agent offer on other European markets, Denmark, the Netherlands and Germany.

Selection of potential customers.

Choosing the right marketing and sales activities.

Choosing a dedicated person to act as a Sales Agent. Active searching for potential clients using various tools, contacts and business experience. Arranging dedicated B2B meetings, presentation of the company's offer, participation in fairs, participation in group and individual networking meetings.

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